What is Psychic School?

The Online Psychic School is a division of Portland Psychic School, which is a place for intuitive, empaths, and psychics of all sorts to learn tools and techniques that enhance their inherent, natural psychic abilities. We teach Meditation, Healing, and Clairvoyance.

We marry a specific style of meditation, Psychic Meditation, with information and concepts related to Clairvoyance, Mysticism, and Healing that have been represented throughout history in every culture and spiritual tradition on the planet - but updated and made relevant to our modern, urban and creative life-styles.

We are not affiliated with other teachers, centers, schools, or any religions/spiritual organizations.

Our senior staff have been teaching and working professionally with students and clients online via webcam for 12 years or more; we have a unique understanding of how to make a virtual learning experience impactful, engaging, and fun.

Our online classes and trainings are designed from the ground up to be taught virtually; they aren't just "online versions" of our offerings. The tone, pacing, curriculum, and experience is tailored to the way people learn online.


Where do I begin?

One choice is Student Readings and Healings which start at only $25. This is a great way to see the style of energy work that we are teaching and practicing, if it's interesting, and a good fit for you. We offer Aura Readings, Past Life Readings, Dream Readings, Astral Body Healings and specialty, limited time readings online via webcam. 

When you decide to open up your psychic awareness through study, you start with the 5-week Psychic Meditation Class. This class teaches foundational tools and techniques we use for working with psychic energy in every class and training. Even for the experienced intuitive, psychic, or energy healer we find that it is invaluable to get aligned regarding core concepts, experiential tools, and terminology so that we can create a shared working space for growth, development, and training.

Psychic Meditation is the core technique in everything that we do, and this incredible class gives you the fundamentals of the form so you can see if it works for you, is something you are excited about, and want to continue with as part of your psychic growth and development. From there, you can enroll in and Advanced Meditation Class, Workshops, or our Online Clairvoyant Training, a year long study in the art of Clairvoyance.


Teachers & Staff

Our staff have professional reading and healing practices. Click on their photo to book an appointment. 

William Pacholski

Ryan Fukuda

Kris Cahill

Emily Robinson

Andrew Staub

Shannon Swallow

Tieara Myers

Sheyla De Jesus