Being psychic is not about crystal balls, reading palms, telling fortunes, and lifting curses - being psychic is trusting your natural ability to experience energy - and the things you sense, see, and know. This has broad application to every area and aspect of your life - not just giving readings.

All of our classes are offered online in our virtual video classroom, giving you a sense of intimacy, immediacy, and trust in what your learning experience.

Today's psychics are working in all areas of business and the arts - they are artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, seekers, visionaries - the people changing the world.

Art of the Seeker:
 PsychiC Meditation Training

Meditation is a tool to heal the sensitive part of you, and open up your awareness to energy and spirit. Psychic Meditation is an extra-ordinary practice that provides tangible, real-life applicable techniques that create a difference you'll notice immediately. 


Art of the Seer: Clairvoyant Training

A guided year long journey into your own psychic abilities in a safe, structured environment. Our trainings are designed for an optimal online experience - perfect  for modern creatives, sensitives, and psychics around the world with busy, active lifestyles on the go.